Jack Beasley Foundation - "Detect Knives, Save Lives"

Education Program

One of the main drives behind the formation of the Jack Beasley Foundation is to formulate an education plan than can be rolled out to schools, sporting clubs and youth groups to educate today's young people of the dangers and long term effect carrying  a knife can be.
Most young people today don't realise the knock on snowball effect that a simple spur of the moment decision to pull out a knife in an argument can have on not only the victim, family and their friends but also their own family, friends and their future. They can find themselves up on a murder charge or attempted murder and facing a lengthy stint locked away and having to live with what they did and the stigma will hang around for the rest of their lives which will affect relationships, work opportunities and will always be on their public record. 
In the wake of Jack's passing, while dealing with immense sadness, pain and anger, Belinda and Brett have shown admirable courage to speak out and want to drive change, so that no other parent has to experience what they have and currently are. One of the best ways to do this is to educate our youth in their young years so that they are aware of the consequences  and make smarter choices when exposed to bad influences and pressures come their way in their teenage years.
Our goal is to look back in 10, 15, 20 years and know that through this education program, we have made a substantial difference in the community and honor Jack's name.