Jack Beasley Foundation - "Detect Knives, Save Lives"

Fight for Change

In the wake of Jack's passing, a group of Jack's family and friends have gotten together to look at what changes are needed around security and detection to help prevent this senseless violence taking place in the future and also around what youth laws need to be reviewed to give Police more power to search suspicious looking youth and also around repeat offenders being dealt with lightly by the justice system.

Our first call to action was to petition the local and state government to bring in a scanning system at Helensvale tram station, where the train links to the tram line, to help detect any people carrying knives heading into the party precinct. So far to date we have had over whelming support with 7,500 people signing and supporting the petition.

The Foundation has it eye set on a few important law changes like the youth bail revoke laws, which are high on our lobbying agenda and need to be addressed as a priority, as well as a few other key law changes with harsher penalties to help discourage offenders.

Our aim as a Foundation s to make a difference so Jack's legacy lives on and to make our community a safer place for our kids to grow up in and hopefully no other family has to live through the devastation Jack's family is. 

Forever in out hearts Jacko